Poster Program

We present the posters for ACAM9.

Each day Undergraduate Laboratory Presenter
1 Error Minimization in Bird Strike Test Simulation Using Taguchi Method Hassan Pahange, Mohammad Hossein Abolbashari,
2 Shape Optimization of Fillets and Notches Using Evolutionary Structural Optimization  Nima Samadi, Mohammad Hossein Abolbashari
3 Development of a Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Shear and Compressive Stresses at the Socket-Residuum Interface  Lucy Armitage, Lauren Kark, Gangadhara Prusty,Ginu Rajan
4 Weld residual stress simulation and measurement in narrow gap keyhole TIG Pipe and Plate  Philip Bendeich, Ania Paradowska, Mark Reid, Ondrej Muransky, Andy Sales, Alastair Boyd,Kaan Sozen, Mike Smith
5 Experimental and Modelling Approaches to the Determination of Fatigue Crack Growth from a Structural Steel T-Butt Weld Toe Veldyanto Tanulia, Gangadhara Prusty, Garth Pearce, Alan Hellier, Huijun Li, Mark Reid, Anna Paradowska
6 The Effect of Vibration of the Unbalanced Rotor-Head of a Helicopter on the Pilot-Seat Zeinab Khaksar, Sreenatha Anavatti, Alessandro Ceruti, Krishna Shankar
7 Temperature and magnetic field dependent magnetization of nanoparticulate ZnFe2O4 produced by mechanochemical synthesis using physical properties measurement system Faizun Nesa, Shane J. Kennedy, Xiaolin Wang, Jianli Wang, Stewart J Campbell, Michael Hofman
8 Prediction of higher harmonic generation of guided waves at breathing cracks in beams using time-domain spectral finite element method Ching-Tai Ng, Shuai He
9 How to Use Neutrons for Advanced Manufacturing and Structural Integrity Assessment?  Anna Paradowska, Ulf Garbe, Mark Reid, Phil Bendeich, Michael Law
10 A Failure Examination of Metal/Composite Material Systems Davood Rahiminejad, Nima Akhavan Zanjani,Peter Ethell, Shankar Kalyanasundaram
11 Dental Materials – A revolution in fibre reinforced composites Raju R, Kiho Cho, Sonam Kamboj, Ginu Rajan, Paul Farrar, Gangadhara Prusty
12 Characterising Composites – A Closer Look at the Core N.T. Chowdhury, G.M. Pearce, N.N.V VO
13 Smart Sensing in Automated Fibre Placement of Carbon Composites Ebrahim Oromiehie, Ginu Rajan, Paul Compston and Gangadhara Prusty
14 Numerical investigation of rolling contact fatigue of white etching layer in rail steel Qinglin Lian, Hongtao Zhu, Huijun Li, Cheng Lu,  Zhiming Liu
15 Characterizations of Mechanical Properties of Two Polymer Foams under Quasi-static and Impact Loading Ruoyu Wang, Emmanuel A. Flores-Johnson, Luming Shen, Gwénaëlle Proust
16 Monitoring delamination crack in fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite components using Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors and Thermal Stress Mapping Techniques Ayad Kakei, Jayantha A Epaarachchi
17 Numerical and Experimental Study on Composite Structures Under a Crushing Load Louis N. S. Chiu, Wenyi Yan, Bernard Chen and Brian B. Falzon
18 Residual Stress in Rails Comparison of Measuerements Techniques: Neutron Diffraction and Contour Method Taposh Roy, Anna Paradowska, Sanjoo Paddea, Michael Law, Ralp Abrahams, Wenyi Yan, Peter Mutton, Mehdi Soodi
19 Neutron scattering techniques for rail applications Taposh Roy, Quan Lai, Anna Paradowska,  Ralp Abrahams, Wenyi Yan, Peter Mutton, Mehdi Soodi
20 Influence of processing sequences on the residual stress in a friction stir multi-pass processed 6063 aluminium alloy Abdulkareem Aloraier, Anna Paradowska
21 Use of neutron diffraction in assistance of assessment of defect tolerance in large pipeline  T-joints, in as-welded and after post-weld heat- treatment. Law M., Paradowska A.M., Grace P.
22 Explosive blast response of carbon and glass-fibre polymer composites used in naval ships A. Gargano, K. Pingkarawat, V. Pickerd, R. Das, A.P Mouritz
23 Investigation of Residual Stresses by Neutron and Synchrotron Diffraction Tit64 Welds Manufactured by Friction Stir Welding Paradowska A.M., S. Song, P. Dong, S. Paddea, T. Connolley
24 Magnetised metal-encapsulated FBG sensor for structural health monitoring Sagar Jinachandran, Huijun Li , Jiangtao Xi and Ginu Rajan
25 Transverse Displacement at the Tip of a Sharp Notch in a Plate of Finite Thickness Kotousov and Khanna
26 Investigation of Possible Head Damages due to the Impact of a Cricket Ball Damith Mohotti