John Morris Group was founded in April 1956 & specialises in the supply, installation & servicing of a wide range of instrumentation covering a diverse range of industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand & the South West Pacific region. Our success and unique distinguishing feature from all other instrumentation distributors, relies on our ability to offer a complete solution with continued support. We believe our customers value first class service. We believe it’s not just about the ‘box’.

We are the only third generation, privately owned scientific instrument supplier in the South West Pacific region to remain in the same ownership for nearly 65 years. We pride ourselves on our family roots and consider our team, suppliers and customers to be a part of the family and the reason for our stability and success.

Many of our customers select John Morris Group over international or smaller web style businesses because we also offer:

  1. Maximum up-time through qualified local breakdown service support across Australia and New Zealand – Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, ACT, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Auckland and Wellington.
  2. Industry trained specialists who can install your investment and help your team to generate valuable results quickly – or even train new members of your team on existing instruments from our range.
  3. Enhanced team safety and Australian compliance through electrical safety testing – included standard on every instrument we deliver.
  4. The opportunity to actually try a product in your laboratory conditions prior to committing to a purchase.
  5. A genuine product warranty backed by a stable organisation who will fight for your long-term partnership and not opportunistic wins.

Our customers know us best for a small fraction of the products in our range. This is because of the specialised nature of our team and the focus we apply to the challenges which interest you. We would much rather discuss solutions to the testing and measurement obstacles your team face than the diverse set of exceptional tools we have at our disposal.